Dr. Benjamin Ola. Akande Presents at the ICHAD and SMART Africa Speaker Series

On October 29, the ICHAD and SMART Africa speaker series was honored with a presentation by Dr. Benjamin Ola. Akande, Assistant Vice Chancellor of International Programs – Africa at Washington University in St. Louis. He spoke of lessons learned over the course of his life, starting with his childhood in Nigeria, through 40 years in the United States. Dr. Akande motivated the audience, declaring that “the difference between success and failure is really a matter of time,” and “the future is not a place we are going, it is a place we create.” He spoke of the importance of a leap of faith when confronting new obstacles, using the metaphor of climbing stairs to overcome that which makes us afraid. He concluded with this message: “Failure to take action in the face of so many challenges and opportunities is simply irresponsible.” Thank you, Dr. Akande, for your inspiring call to action to improve our world and to all who joined us for this wonderful event!