Suubi+Adherence-R2 (2020-2025)

SUUBI+Adherence-R2: Examining the longitudinal HIV treatment adherence among youth living with HIV (YLHIV) transitioning into young adulthood

Principal Investigator: Fred Ssewamala, PhD, Ozge Sensoy Bahar, PhD, Proscovia Nabunya, PhD

Project Team Members: Rachel Brathwaite, PhD; Derek Brown, PhD; Shenyang Guo, PhD; Claude Mellins, PhD (Columbia University); Barbara Mukasa, MBChB (Mildmay); Torsten Neilands, PhD (University of California – San Francisco); John Santelli, PhD (Columbia University); April Denise Thames, PhD (University of Southern California)

Field Coordinators:  Phionah Namatovu; 

Suubi+Adherence-R2 (R01HD074949) is a five-year study (2020-2025) funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institutes of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD). In addition to tracking the original cohort of study participants in Suubi+Adherence for an additional five years, this continued funding will allow the team to dig deeper into the potential mechanisms of change including whether the intervention has any long-term effects on economic stability, sexual risk-taking behavior, adherence self-efficacy; cognitive functioning; mental health functioning; and young adult transitions and social support. “We believe that providing a financial support system for these youth, has the potential to lead to long-term systemic, positive life choices,” noted Co-PI Nabunya. “To my knowledge, the long-term effects on this population has never been measured, which is why this continued funding is so essential.” This continuation study adds a qualitative component and extends a cost-effectiveness component that will enable the team to assess the long-term financial cost of the intervention relative to other means of achieving the same desirable outcome of suppressed viral loads.

Suubi+Adherence (2012-2017)

Suubi+Adherence: Evaluating a Youth-Focused Economic Empowerment Approach to HIV Treatment Adherence

Principal Investigator: Fred M. Ssewamala, PhD

Project Team Members: Claude Mellins, PhD; Mary McKay, PhD; Irwin Garfinkel, PhD; Torsten Neilands, PhD; Godfrey Kigozi, PhD; Gertrude Nakigozi, PhD

Field Coordinators: Apollo Kivumbi, MPH (2012-2013); Miriam Mukasa (2013-Present)

Research Collaborators: Abel Mwebembezi, PhD (Reach the Youth-Uganda); Barbara Mukasa, MBChB (Mildmay-Uganda)

Suubi+Adherence is a five-year longitudinal study (2012-2017) funded by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institutes of Child Health & Human Development (NICHD). It examines the impact and cost associated with an economic empowerment intervention to increase adherence to HIV treatment for HIV positive adolescents in Uganda. The study is the first in Uganda to use a financial stability model to positively affect treatment adherence for youth. The study intervention, financial empowerment, combines a matched savings account, financial education, health education, and income-generating activities. This is meant to promote saving money for study participants and their families so there is sufficient income to meet the needs associated with managing HIV as a chronic illness, to provide support for adherence to antiretroviral therapy, to develop microenterprises to generate family income, and/or to further their studies in secondary education.

SUUBI+Adherence Publications

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