Preventing Substance Use among Adolescents

Assessing the Feasibility of Economic Approaches to Prevention of Substance Abuse among Adolescents (2022-2024)

Principal Investigators: Rachel Brathwaite, PhD; Massy Mutumba, PhD (University of Michigan)

Co-Investigators: Fred Ssewamala, PhD; Lindsey Filiatreau, PhD

Implementing Partners: Abel Mwebembezi, PhD (Reach the Youth Uganda)

Field Coordinators: Betina Nabiserie, Ritah Barungi, Phionah Namatovu, Claire Najjuuko, Herbert Migadde

Funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), the proposed two year study (R21AA030225) will be the first to innovatively examine the impact of an economic empowerment intervention on reducing alcohol and drug use (ADU) among adolescents and youth living with HIV (AYLHIV) in poverty-impacted communities in Uganda. This study also focuses on improving understanding of multi-level context specific risk and protective factors for ADU among AYLHIV. Given that many ADU interventions evaluated in sub-Saharan Africa have not been successful, study findings could inform interventions to reduce/prevent ADU, and also improve our understanding of the epidemiology, risk and resilience factors and consequences of ADU among AYLHIV, in order to inform the development of effective ADU prevention interventions. Lessons learned from implementing ADU prevention efforts in low-income countries such as Uganda, may be relevant to improving overall care for other vulnerable adolescent populations in sub-Sahara Africa where the burden of ADU is increasing yet strategies to alleviate the burden of ADU among young people at high risk are lacking.

Study design: This study will utilize mixed methods including qualitative interviews, focus group discussions, a cross-sectional survey, biological tests, and a randomized controlled trial.

Study Publications

Brathwaite R, Mutumba M, Nanteza J, Filiatreau LM, Migadde H, Namatovu P, Nabisere B, Mugisha J, Mwebembezi A, Ssewamala FM. Assessing the Feasibility of Economic Approaches to Prevent Substance Abuse Among Adolescents: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study. JMIR Res Protoc. 2023 Jun 14;12:e46486. doi: 10.2196/46486. PMID: 37314844. JMIR Publications