Kenya Youth Savings Impact Assessment

Kenya Youth Savings Impact Assessment

Principal Investigator: Fred Ssewamala, PhD

Project Team: Joseph Kieyah, PhD (KIPPRA), Githinji Njenga (KIPPRA)

Field Coordinator: Evah Mwangi

Research Collaborators: Kenya Institute for Public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA), Kenya Post Office Bank, Save the Children (Kenya)

This study measures the impacts of a youth-focused monetary savings program, which includes seeded savings accounts registered at a financial institution in Kenya, on developmental outcomes, overall health and well-being, psychosocial outcomes, sexual risk-taking behavior, family stability outcomes, agricultural productivity and employment opportunities for girls and boys enrolled in public primary schools throughout Kenya. The study also measures the extent to which the youth-focused monetary savings program affects the enrolled youths’ family household finances. Research to date suggests that savings accounts for low-income youth may be a high-leverage tool to achieve both youth development and financial inclusion objectives.

Kenya Youth Savings Impact Assessment Publications

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