Sensitivity Training – Working with Vulnerable Populations

During her visit to the field this month, Kyaterekera Project MPI Dr. Susan Witte conducted a sensitivity training for the ICHAD-Uganda staff to increase awareness and provide them with the skills necessary to work with vulnerable populations. This two-hour training consisted of group discussions and case studies focused on issues impacting women engaged in sex work (WESW), including myths and stigma associated with sex work, and accessibility of services by WESW in communities. The ICHAD team will be working closely with WESW in the newly awarded Kyaterekera study, so it is important that the team is properly trained and sensitized. During this session, many common myths were dispelled including “all sex workers were abused as children” or “sex workers do not use condoms.” Dr. Witte also discussed the impacts of both external and internal stigma on women and communities. At the end of the session, the ICHAD team brainstormed ideas about how to improve services for vulnerable women and how to ensure that the study is conducted in a sensitive and respectful manner. Great job team!