ICHAD’s Annual Welcome Party: A Blend of Cultures and Unity

As the golden leaves of fall begin to hint at their appearance, ICHAD celebrated the dawn of a new academic year in the most memorable way. The air was filled with excitement, laughter, and the savory scent of food, marking the center’s annual welcome picnic and party. Hosted graciously at the residence of Bethel Mandefro, a devoted member of the ICHAD staff, the event was nothing short of spectacular.

The event saw a beautiful fusion of cultures, backgrounds, and stories as both new and ongoing students and researchers gathered under the same roof. It was a perfect platform for fresh faces to bond with their seniors, exchange anecdotes, and share their aspirations. Our new students include: Fatumah Nakabuye (MSW); Francis Ssemujju (MSW); Rashida Namirembe (SW PhD); Raymond Atwebembere (MPH) Scovia Nassaazi (MSW); Sulaiti Mutebi (MSW).

The eminent presence of Dr. Fred Ssewamala, the Director of ICHAD, further elevated the day’s festivities. His welcoming address emphasized the importance of unity, teamwork, and dedication to furthering the center’s mission. As he mingled with both new and continuing students, it was clear the center wasn’t just a place of research and learning—it was a thriving community.

The culinary spread was an affair to remember. A rich assortment of dishes greeted the attendees, ensuring that every palate found its match. The highlight was undoubtedly the exquisite cake brought to life by a talented St. Louis-based baker from Ukraine. Its rich flavors and delicate design were proof of the love and craft that went into its creation.

As the day progressed, the party found its rhythm – quite literally! Zumba, the globally renowned dance fitness routine, took center stage. With moves inspired by salsa, Latin beats, Afrobeats, and rhythms from the world over, the gathering was transformed into a pulsating dance floor. The Zumba session was not only a testament to the diversity of cultures present but also a vibrant reminder of the universal language of dance and music.

The event concluded with the promise of an exciting and enriching academic year ahead. With such a heartwarming start, one can only envision the milestones ICHAD will achieve in the coming months. Cheers to new beginnings, lasting friendships, and groundbreaking research!