NIMH at 75: Director Gordon Commends ICHAD’s Role in Mental Health Research

As the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) celebrates its 75th year of groundbreaking contributions to mental health research, Director Joshua A. Gordon emphasized the institute’s commitment to advancing impactful research with a global reach. In his message Going Global: Advancing Mental Health Research Around the World, Director Gordon highlighted the significant role played by ICHAD and our collaboration with the SMART Africa Scale-Up Hub, showcasing the tangible impact of NIMH funding and research on a global scale.

One exemplary illustration of NIMH-supported global mental health research comes from the SMART Africa Scale-Up Hub, where researchers in Uganda, led by ICHAD Director Dr. Fred Ssewamala and his colleagues Dr. Mary McKay and Dr. Kimberly Hoagwood, collaborated on a school-based-intervention named “Amaka Amasanyufu,” or “Happy Families.” This innovative project focused on addressing disruptive behavior disorders in children aged 8 to 13 years. The researchers, in partnership with local faith and community leaders, successfully scaled the intervention, reaching over 40,000 students across six districts in the Greater Masaka Region bordering Lake Victoria.

This initiative not only showcases the positive impact of NIMH’s support to ICHAD but also highlights the power of international collaboration and the translation of research findings into practical solutions that directly benefit communities.

In his statement, NMIH Director Dr. Joshua A. Gordon highlighted that lessons learned from global research such as one conducted by ICHAD and SMART Africa centers are influencing mental health service providers in the United States and are shaping mental health interventions not only in the United States but also in other countries facing similar challenges. “The collaborative efforts between NIMH, ICHAD, and research partners worldwide exemplify a shared commitment to advancing mental health research and fostering positive outcomes for individuals and communities globally.” Dr. Gordon.

As we celebrate 75 years of NIMH’s dedication to mental health research, Director Joshua A. Gordon’s endorsement of ICHAD’s role in these transformative endeavors serves as a testament to the center’s unwavering commitment to improving the mental health and lives of individuals and families, both in the United States and across the globe.

You can access Dr. Joshua A. Gordon’s full message here.