ICHAD Represented at the 28th SSWR Annual Conference

A team of ICHAD-affiliated researchers participated in the 28th Annual Conference of the Society for Social Work and Research (SSWR) that took place in Washington, DC, from January 10 to 14 where they presented their posters. Members who participated and presented posters included Dr. Nhial Tutlam, Flavia Namuwonge, Joshua Kiyingi, Dr. Samuel Kizito, Dr. Proscovia Nabunya, Dr. James Mugisha, Dr. Prema Filippone, and Josephine Nabayinda. A total of 11 posters were presented including;

  1. Kizito S., Nabunya, P., Ssewamala, FM. Association between stigma and emotional and behavioral difficulties (EBDs) and Impact of two evidence-based interventions on EBDs among adolescents living with HIV in Southern Uganda: The Suubi4Stigma pilot study. – Presented by Dr. Tutlam Nhial.
  2. Kalulu, P., Kizito, S., Nartey, P., Ssentumbwe, V., Namirembe, R., Kabarambi, A., Nabayinda, J., Kiyingi, J., Nabunya, P., Nattabi, J., Ssewamala, FM. Adapting a Matched Micro-Savings Program in a Low-Resource Country, Uganda: Learning from the Global North to Global South-Processes, Opportunities and Challenges. – Presented by Flavia Namuwonge.
  3. Nabunya, P., Nsubuga, E., Kizito, S., Nabayinda, J., Sensoy Bahar, O., Namuwonge, F., Nattabi, J., Witte, S., and Ssewamala, F.M. Access to Medical Care By Women Engaged in Commercial Sex Work in Southern Uganda. – Presented by Joshua Kiyingi.
  4. Nabayinda, J., Namuwonge, F., Nabunya, P., Sensoy Bahar, O., Kiyingi, J., Nattabi, J., and Ssewamala, F. M. The Long-Term Impact of Family-Based Economic Strengthening on Viral Suppression and Mental Health Outcomes Among Adolescents Living with HIV in Low-Income Settings: Lessons from a Cluster-Randomized Controlled Trial (2012 to 2022) in Uganda. – Presented by Dr, Samuel Kizito.
  5. Kizito, S., Migadde, H., Mugisha, J., Ssentumbwe, V., Najjuuko, C., Namuwonge, F., Sensoy Bahar, O., Mwebembezi, A., and Ssewamala, F. M. Preliminary Impact of Group-Based Interventions on Stigma, Mental Health and Treatment Adherence Among Adolescents Living with HIV in Uganda. – Presented by Dr. Proscovia Nabunya.
  6. Kizito, S., Ssentumbwe, V., Nartey, P., Kabarambi, A., Nabunya, P., Namirembe, R., Ssewamala, FM., Nabayinda, J., Kiyingi, J., Nattabi, J. The Impact of Peer Pressure on Risk-Taking Behaviors Among Adolescent Girls Impacted By HIV/AIDS: Lessons from a 3-Arm Cluster Randomized Suubi4Her Study in Southwestern Uganda. – Presented by Flavia Namuwonge.
  7. Nabunya, P., Migadde, H., Nassaazi, Scovia., Mutebi, R., Kirabo Nabwire, W., Atwebembere, R., Sensoy Bahar, O., Ssewamala FM. Its a Secret for the Family…It Never Goes out Because They Will Spread It. Navigating Secrecy As a Tool Against HIV Stigma and Associated Adversity Among Children Living with HIV and Their Caregivers in Uganda. – Presented by Dr. James Mugisha.
  8. Ampey J., Nabunya, P., Sensoy Bahar, O., Jennings Mayo-Wilson, L., Tozan, Y., Nsubuga, E., Namuwonge F., Kiyingi, J., Witte S. and Ssewamala, F. M. Intersectional Stigma Matters! Exploring Perspectives on Care-Seeking and Health Decisions Among Vulnerable Women in Uganda. – Presented by Dr. Prema Filippone.
  9. Nabunya, P. Group Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Improves Adherence to HIV Treatment Among Adolescents: Results from a Pilot Cluster Randomized Trial in Uganda. – Presented by Dr. Samuel Kizito.
  10. Kizito, S., Namirembe, R., Nsubuga, E., Nabunya, P., Sensoy Bahar, O., Kiyingi, J., Nattabi, J., Namuwonge, F., Jennings Mayo-Wilson, L., Witte, S., and Ssewamala, FM. Correlates of Intimate Partner Violence Among Young Women Engaged in Sex Work in Southern Uganda. – Presented by Josephine Nabayinda.
  11. Nabunya, P., Achulo S., Katumba, L., Sensoy Bahar, O., Namatovu. P., Kabarambi, A., and Ssewamala, F.M. If You Think a Lot about Your HIV Status, You May End up Becoming a Failure. Experiences of Social Transition Milestones of Youth Living with HIV and Transitioning into Young Adulthood. – Dr. Proscovia Nabunya